I love you, Donald Trump.


After winning an election based on fear, how does he feel today? What do the people in his tent ask themselves about their future, and the future of everything they hold sacred?

I got a request to join a resistance group this morning.


I’m an artist, working every day on weaving words together so people come together.

Girl power.

Art or die.

I do not resist.

I wear fluffy slippers and drink coconut water.

I daily tackle writing a novel about fairies.


Balls of light with wings.

The new play opens in March (it’s about treating people decently).

The scrubby in our shower has a happy face, and I turn it towards me so I can smile at it every morning…THIS is how wimpy this gal is.



My dear Muslim friend who invited me to join the cause has every right to be frightened. If and when things look frightful for them, I and my family will do everything in our power to help.

But…alone, I am a grain of rice in an origami box in your chest. Snuggled up to your heart.

You get what I’m trying to say.

That this election has unsettled so many people is unspeakably wrong. What is happening in the USA? Yes, I know: and the disenfranchised and the rust belt and the

…but something like 42 percent of his voters are women!

I love you, Donald Trump.

Love is all there is.

You have stirred up a passionate fervor in people like me…a love so fierce, for all humanity, that we cannot help but be proud of being part of it all. We were all that before you, but now, now we shine. We realize how important freedom is, and we now pray, and act, in a way we didn’t before you were elected.

You have brought out the best in us.

We realize how important freedom is, and we now pray, and act in a way we didn’t before you were elected.

Because of Donald Trump I think it best we pull up our big girl and boy pants and set our compass to ‘ YES’:

YES to love

YES to faith…

faith in a benevolent universe that conspires in our favor

YES to fluffy slippers and 22 thousand reasons to stay happy.

Some say he needs to be defeated.

That will not happen. Democracy wins: Donald Trump will serve as president for 4 years.

So let’s get out the best chocolate, the favorite movies, the smiley face scrubby…look into the night.

let’s hug the children tighter, and more often.

let’s resist by being the best, for the best, in the interest of the best.

Yours in peace and always, friend,





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