444 words


Help us to be children in times when we don’t know how and lose our way and act out of our fears.

Every day?

I know, me too.

It’s not easy to love, but what is the alternative?

There’s love.

There’s fear.

Think about it: fear is lack of love.

Many believe there is something other than love or the complete absence of love (the E word), but love is where I try to live and love, to me, is all there is.

Whenever I eat anything sweet and coloured pink I wiggle my bum a bit while I chew and it tastes better. This is (was) a secret, until now, because it’s not grown up to act silly. It’s something I do just because I don’t always squelch the three-year-old in me.

Keeping the child in me alive keeps my writing fresh, acting vibrant and my relationships bursting with sparks.

I pray you find your light and hold it close to you; a puff of starry caterpillar, one on the edge of birthing into a beautiful prayer.

Your prayer.

But what do you dare pray for? After you have as much money as you could ever need, after your health and safety, and the health and safety of your loved ones and all the world, what is there to pray for?

The heart of a child.

You’re three years old? Remember? Or five? Life is all possibilities, when a soft breeze blows into you and you pick it up and it becomes a silly little song or a pretend or…

and you skip or jump or move your feet just because.

Try it.

Move your left foot.

Try it now?

Just a bit, so nobody sees.

Wiggle the toes.

See? Life is simple when you have the heart of a three or five-year-old child.

The tiniest bit of nonsensical fun.

Life is simple when you have the heart of a three or five-year-old child.

Tenderly, that same simple life is calling you, calling each of us.

Calling us home to the best version of who we are.

In the heart of three-year-old you there is only love and not the gaga romantic kind, no, the kind that is growth & hope & faith in something you can’t see.

Pray for the heart of a child. Choose innocence.

Right now, wherever you are, let yourself look at the ceiling or sky and feel your heart expand with golden light. Let it pour down and caress you and bless you

and, if only for a quiet second, may you have peace

may you have peace.

may there be peace.

You’re ‘it’, friend, and I love you,






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