henna tubesWe are heading out to our Estonian friends’ home tonight. They are calling the event Burning $%/! (an homage to Burning Man). You bring stuff to burn…stuff that is vexing you & there will be printed songs to sing at midnight & a sauna (19 below zero…but, still) & Estonians have a strange yet charming tradition of throwing lead in the snow to tell fortunes. Its a pot luck so my man is making Irish soda loaves & the house smells like heaven. I’m making roasted red peppers with thick slices of garlic & cream cheese to spread on the bread. We’re also bringing henna so each guest can write an adjective on each guests’ back…& tomorrow you wake up & look in the mirror & read all the wonderful words people have written on you. I made up this game a few years ago & its kind of fun. We’re also bringing bubbles to the party so folks can make frozen bubbles. My friend Prissy* is joining us as she is single with a 23 yr old son who has his own plans ….read : Prissy would have spent NYE alone. No fun. Prissy & I have been friends since we met around the time we moved to Toronto. 2006. We enjoy lunches together & birthdays & this Christmas & now, another NYE.
This year gave me new friends, a year end rising career & abundant health. This year many people suffered globally & under a horrible US president. This year took my best friend’s health away & now she’s got to be a superwoman to move forward. To beat it. She’s 49. She will beat it. She just got her first grand baby.
Take & give.
Why am I writing this to you now? Why, when so many of us are lonely, sad & sick tonight? Because I have been alone & sad & sick on past new year’s eves & it sucks & I’m writing this so you can know that each life gets better. Each year gives & takes.
I wish you breaths of ecstasy. I wish you light. May 2018 find you seeing the world with the innocence of a child. Love. More love – so much love there are hearts out of their casing, pressed together so they beat the same. Yes, good hearts & strong health, sweet opportunities & happy news.
See you next year, my friend,
PS: The henna word I’d write on your back is FABULOUS.
PPS: Prissy is not her name because maybe my friend doesn’t want her business smeared on the internet. Can’t blame her.
PPPS: You notice I haven’t been reaching out lately. This blog is going to be moved to a new name so it will cost a wee bit each time a reader plugs in. That way, in the future, any ass wipe who is creeping me will at least have to pay.

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  1. You are so wonderful.
    You are so beautiful.
    You are so vibrant.
    You are so magically brilliant.
    Thank you, universe, for giving me Dawna the Dynamite!

    Sent from my iPad

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